Tuesday, May 20, 2003

week 10, questions..

what were your expectations?
My expectations for the course were, I wanted to learn how to type faster and more accurately. With typing master I hoped to achieve this. Now that I'm almost finised my e-learning course, I dont believe that I've completely achieved this. I also expected the course to run smoothly but It didnt which made it extremely annoying and this hindered my learning and my ability to achieve my outcomes...

What are they are?
My expectations are very much the same, I expected to learn quickly and accuratley, but this hasent been the case!
so my expectations havent changed, I still hope to learn to type quicker, but i doubt that i will achieve this with little time to complete the course...

What did you learn?
I learnt that things never go to plan.... I expected to finish my typing course within a few days, but unfortunately this was not the case.. there were problems with the course, which I explained earlier, such as i was unable to log back into my work... and that the demo cuts in every thirty seconds!!!
other factors such as my computer crashing annoyed the hell out of me!!

What would you recommend?
I would recommend that the course NOT have a demo to interupt the lesson!!!
This hinders my learning and dosent allow me to achieve my learning outcomes!!
At this stage this is all I can recommend for the program of the course....

Overall im pretty frustrated with the e-learning course : (

week 10

Were just about to start our lesson for e-learning, and Im almost finished my e-learning course!!!

Im so glad because so far it hasent been a great experience! Ive been pretty frustrated with it
So after that is done, I have to concentrate on my report. so that will be my aim to complete...

Until next time.

arghhhhhhhh Im so so so angry and completely frustrated!!!!!!!!

It happen again my computer crashed and it wiped out my previous lessons that I completed.. this time round I didnt start again I just began where I left off!!! It would take too long to do it again.

The content of the course is ok, but the fact that other apects such as my computer crashing, hinders my learning!!!
it is really annoying...fingers crossed it dosent happen again...

Monday, May 19, 2003

Week 9

This week I started my e-learning course, as I mentioned I'm going to be doing a typing course, named typingmaster!
I started it late in the week. There are twelve lessons that have to be completed in the first section. I completed the first two lessons and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I was motivated to keep going because it was so interactive. However the following day when I went to start my third lesson, my computer crashed and when I tryed to log back in, it lost my evidence of the previous lessons I had successfully completed!! SO FRUSTRATED

I was so angry because I had to start again, and when I did I was really rushing to get it done! so now its monday and ive completed the first section of all twelve lessons! although after the third lesson the course demo interupts the program after 30 secs which is extremely annoying, and as the learner, it does not allow for anything to be learnt as effectively because there is little time...

so I havnt had the best experience yet! Im hoping it gets better. Im not able to judge at this stage whether I have achieved my objectives but I hope to be able to answer that at the end of the course.

Tonight Ive started the second section of the course and if I can recall there are only four lessons.
I hope to finish my course at the end of the week, so I can then reflect upon my experience.

Talk soon